Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Politics Palin And Quot Snl Quot


The novelty has worn off somewhat, but I think that the problem is that the original CBS interview was an incredible TV artifact that did not require further elaboration. (In reality, as Andrew Sullivan points out, some of the sketch was from transcribed interview. While Fey impression of Palin remains perfect intonation, his plan - a quasi-point-point for the parody of Katie Couric interview with Palin, co-players Amy Poehler as a perplexed and irritated Couric - was t like jaw -droppingly funny as that of two weeks ago. ). A lot of politics this week SNL , and the two former students, too: Tina Fey resumed his role as Sarah Palin, Chris Parnell raised as Jim Lehrer in a faux-debate sketch, and the news contained its fair share of political jokes, none of which I remember almost 24 hours later.


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